How can I contact you for work?

I have my notifications muted and my DMs filtered on all my social media platforms, so please email me for any professional inquiries. My email is sarah.y.tsai@gmail.com.

What programs and tools do you use for your art?

I use Aseprite for all my pixel art and Clip Studio Paint for all other digital art. As for my tablet, I use a Wacom Intuos.

Will you ever mint your art as an NFT/will you take on NFT-related commission work?


Just kidding. Yes, but only on the condition you pay me a rate of $1000 per pixel in the piece. And I do mean pixel.

Can I use your art as a profile picture/desktop background/album cover/other project?

If it’s for non-commercial purposes like a profile picture or a background, please go ahead - no need to ask for approval! Just credit me in your profile or wherever possible. However, if it’s for commercial endeavors, I ask that you to not resell it.